About Us:

TipTopWebsite.com launched in 2005. Dan Doherty, C.E.O. and Founder of TipTopWebsite.com was a key player in TicketMaster.com
Dan has an amazing ability to stay ahead of the current trends on the ever-changing Internet.
In 1995, Dan left a successful daytime acting career to start his first Internet business and never looked back.
Dan and his team spend over 100 hours a year coaching the Special Olympics and are proud coaches of the 2014 Gold Medal.

Dan works daily with his talented group of expert programmers and designers:
We have an absolute passion for what we do and will go the extra mile for you every time.
We offer award-winning support right here from the U.S.A.
Online for 14 years and located here in Florida.
We are excited to see your website online with us!

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